Boss on a Budget_Tiffany teaching grants class

Small nonprofits can compete, create content, and have influence that rivals the Microsofts and Coca Colas of the world.


Boss on a Budget's mission is to teach small nonprofits the skills they need to bootstrap their dreams and launch successfully in their first year.


Tiffany Allen created Boss on a Budget™ in 2016 to combine two loves:  teaching and community.  Struck by the lack of a strong nonprofit network in her hometown, she endeavored to create a grassroots effort to build the capacity of local nonprofits.  She grew tired of seeing deserving nonprofits struggle to scale their programs in a meaningful way, so Boss on a Budget was created to bridge the gap. Over the past 10 years, she has worked in the nonprofit sector with expertise in data & evaluation, grant writing and strategic planning. Fueled by her love for the community, she hopes to build up local organizations to inspire the next generation to be the change they seek.


The values that nonprofits live by say a lot about how they view their communities and the people they serve.  Boss on a Budget™ is no different.  My hope is that the company's values are more than just lip service, but that they permeate everything that we do.  I proudly uphold the following values for myself and my clients:

Be Passionate

Nonprofits have a difficult job, working to solve complex problems. It takes a true desire to work in this sector.  The complexity of the work requires a passionate and compassionate response which embodies everything that we do.

Be Genuine

Real authenticity comes from inclusion and a respect for all.  Nonprofits are effective when they actively involve and engage the communities they serve.  I work with organizations that are deeply embedded in their communities and those that help to elevate, not pacify, the populations they serve.   

Be Disruptive

Nonprofits often get caught up in traditional organizational models and ways of doing business that are largely dictated by their funding sources.  I inspire new nonprofits to set a new standard, to use their unique talents to rise above the crowd and to do business differently and creatively.