The Only Checklist You'll Need to Start Your Nonprofit

So you have your idea and have decided that you want to start your nonprofit.  Welcome to the journey!  There will be overwhelming times, but there will be victories along the way. There are many moving pieces and you will feel as if you’re missing a step.  To help guide you along the way,  download your nonprofit startup checklist to walk you through the process from start to launch.  Remember that many state laws and regulations may impact this information, but I've tried my best to generalize the steps.  The checklist is a list of administrative steps, but you should first read what I hate about nonprofits to learn practical considerations for startup.  Below are the categories that you will find in the checklist.

**A quick note:  The checklist was developed in a particular order, but some of the processes mentioned may overlap and some processes may take longer than others.  The point of the checklist is to have one central place to keep track of the many requirements for starting a nonprofit.  Use it as a guide to keep yourself on track once you begin your journey.  If you need help staying organized, schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me.

The checklist has 8 key areas:

Idea & Development Phase


Federal & State Forms



Branding & Communication

Evaluation & Performance

Staffing Requirements

Download it now to get started on your nonprofit journey today.